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Vampire Myths

Where do I start?  There are many claims of vampire existence and sightings from around the world.  Here, I've narrowed down the classic suspects native to the UK and Ireland, and on the other page talk about the cultural and global phenomenon linked to these blood-sucking scum.

There is evidence that what I'm dealing with might have its origins from Africa and South America, so I have kept the narrative down to a minimum so that you can just get the key facts.  If you want to know more, do your own research and Google it...


"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."

John F Kennedy

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Dearg Dul


Little is known about this mythological creature, but it's believed to originate from Ireland.  You'll hear about it for three reasons:

1- It's rumoured that Bram Stoker was heavily influenced by Irish Folklore.  Amongst the peasants of Ireland, during the Potato Famine between 1845-1852, it was rumoured that people reverted to feasting on human and animal blood, or that if they preferred to use knives and forks then they would mix the blood with cereals and oats into relish cakes.  Has our natural appetite for blood been repressed?

2 - Leap Castle.  A picturesque part of Ireland in Southern Offaly with a bloody history.  There is talk of haunting here because the Lord of the time used to invite his enemies round for dinner.  Figure the rest out.

3 - It's druid in origin, and where there are druids, there are rituals.  Pagans pretty much got the blame for anything that didn't go right: famine, disease, lack of potatoes and even the Marbh Bheo or walking dead.  You'll find that the majority of vampires and their pseudonyms are blamed for the majority of ills in the world, and often vilified by religion or cultural law as an explanation for the unexplained.

Other words to Google: The Fir Gorta (Man of Hunger), Abhartach and Neamh-Marth.

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Baobhan Sith (baa'van shee)

Also known as the Banshee or The White Women.  Celtic legend speaks of these temptresses as stray women, preying on the young men and travellers who ventured too far off the beaten track.  The most intriguing thing about these beasts is the fact that they use their nails to tear the flesh of victims before drinking their blood.  Having fought the collective, both male and female, I can verify that these nails are razor sharp. 


The similarity stops there.

sith web.jpg

You will start to see a pattern emerge when you review the images...


Also known as the water fairy - their origin is from Wales. Other pseudonyms include 'the old hag', or 'water haag'; they often symbolised death or the coming of death to any who saw them dance across the water. 


Those who followed them would often end up in a watery grave, but the link with water and sewage systems bears some relevance to the enemy I fight today.  They also have the ability to change shape and appearance, like a witch who takes on the guise of a young maiden before devouring their victim.  


I think we'll move on. 

See Langham hotel and dried up water well under conspiracies, the only link to this.

Pagan Rituals

I mentioned earlier about the druids and how they get a bad press.  The problem is, there is still not enough evidence for me to discredit them (their practices) completely. 


Their skill in building and respect for nature symoblise part of the collective's ideology.  Vampires? No. Witches? The jury is still out. 


In the old times, once religion had been introduced to communities and villages, those who still worshipped false idols or practised witchcraft were often labelled as demons (rightly so!).  I could go off on a tangent here but I don't want to waste your time.


The whole fascination with vampires has gone beyond the ridiculous.  Since the groundbreaking film of Nosferatu, Hollywood has adapted and remodelled a successful business model that has spanned decades of screen success. 

Vampirism of today is more about fashion, with every pubescent teen hoping to meet a Cullen-like lover.  Forget everything you think you know: the real vampires possess the cunning, intelligence and resilience of a hundred Hollywood producers.


Vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight.  Carrying a cross will not help you.  Being a goth will not help you look less of a meal to them.  They do not care about anything when the infection takes hold.  

Phase 1 of the London Vampire Project was to break down the perception of classic vampires. This needs to be completed in stages and cannot be done just through one website or one book. 

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If you run any online search for the term Vampire you will return images like these, persistent stereotypes designed to throw you off track and stop you from maintaining the power of rational thought

I encourage any person in their right mind to review my summative research before going further.

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