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Every day, more and more evidence is available to support my case against these predatory beings.  Some people claim to have exorcised great demons from the likes of Highgate Cemetery or reported sightings of ghouls and ghosts along 'energy lines'... read on if you prefer a more serious response. Don't forget to look at the evidence in Science & Theory

Jack The Ripper

Jack is not only famed as one of London's most notorious serial killers, but the characteristics and methods of his killings suggest that he may have been infected with the same parasitic organism as Ed was, altering his behaviour. 

A series of brutal murders occurred across East London, one pattern of behaviour was that he chose prostitutes, and that each new killing grew deeper in severity until his grand finale (see pic). It is not clear if the true Jack was ever caught or whether his legacy lives on in the cycle of a parasite that has now infected other hosts.
It took me nearly three months to track Ed down (Ed was my work colleague and we were bitten at the same time).  Although he never directly confessed to abducting and killing women across London, I had visions of him butchering and feeding in ways similar to how Jack liked to operate.  

Vampire Conspiracies

Image by Tarik Haiga
Mary Jane Kelly.jpg
jack ripper 2.jpg

The Egyptian Pharoahs


Much mystery still surrounds this master race that ruled the lands before disappearing off the face of the earth.  What is most striking is not the great stories and multiple gods that they had, but their organisational capacity to create such great structural works (as with the druids at Stone Henge).


The connection of vampires to the Egyptians is the fact that, like Ants, they secretly bury their dead.  But we're not just talking under five feet of sand, we're talking deep underground in tombs with enough protection, wealth and resources to return to the world once their transformation was complete.

I am not an expert in Etymology or Egyptology, but the caste systems that were in place are fascinating and some of their works resontates with conspiracy theorists in the modern day. 

Bram Stoker & London's High Society

There's a few reasons why I refer back to this man; there may be no strong link between him being one of the Ants, but the focus is more about who Bram Stoker used to rub shoulders with and not his own actions. 


His book Dracula was influenced by folklore from Ireland, the Strigoii of Romania and the vampire ladies of Rhode Island, USA.  The only place he never traveled to was Eastern Europe, but he acquired his knowledge from fellow peers over several years.  He also worked closely in Soho's theatre land, working for Sir Henry Irving at the Lyceum Theatre.  He also dedicated Dracula to his good friend Mr Hall Caine, a well-traveled writer.  Michael said he was bitten outside the same theatre where Bram Stoker worked.

There was an incident at his (Bram Stoker's) residence which is believed to have led to his divorce.  He tried to rescue a young man from drowning in the Thames, but he failed and brought the body home, laying it out on the table.  The details are vague but there are some signs that all was not right with Mr Stoker. 


Stoker was also a firm supporter of the theory of Phrenology, which explains how the shape of the human skull can affect adult behaviour.  His studies included 'the people of Africa' as he so politely put it, but this also explains why vampires usually have disfigured heads.  He also gave backing towards the term mesmerism, which is -  loosely - another way of explaining animal magnetism (charm and influence). 


I find this most interesting, since the Ants have a natural ability to manipulate magnetic fields (or so I believe) and charm their victims.  So, considering we're going back over a hundred years, I believe Bram Stoker was on to something...


The Ant Metaphor

Michael used to talk about Ants all the time. You're probably thinking 'what have Ants got to do with anything?'  At the time I thought it was because he was senile, but as our friendship developed Michael explained it to me in more detail.  Ants are an amazing species and, most importantly, they are around us all the time and operate underground without our knowing. 

Ants have large colonies which are controlled by a Queen.  Each ant has its own specific role within the collective and it is said that they operate as one consciousness.  They are strong and will fight to the death to defend their nest; they are very resistant and even in death, they will bury their dead.


There's so much to say about these resilient insects that it's worth deeper investigation - but the real reason why he refers to them as Ants is not because of their complex, collective organisation, but because it's easier to kill something if you dehumanise it.  Most of the Ants were normal people, but when you become infected you quickly neglect every moral, ounce of dignity and inch of reason.  You revert to primeval instincts.


The underground networks beneath London (more to follow) are both known and unknown.  I have seen some but only a fraction of what truly exists beneath the capital, reserved for the bourgeoisie. 


You must remember that London is built on top of an old infrastructure, dating back to the Roman times and beyond.  It has also been destroyed many times, including by The Great Fire of London (1666). The irony is in the 666 for all occultists, and for historians the description of a strong east wind suggests a conspiracy that it was fueled by European dissidents. 


This was the second time that London was burnt to the ground. Not only did it eliminate the spread of the black death, but it could have been an attempt by a small organisation of hunters to destroy the Ants' nest, where Monument now stands.  Don't scald me Historians, I'm just covering ground quickly. 

I urge you to look at the depth of the basements when you wander round central London and ask yourself, do you have any idea what is going on beneath you?  


I befriended a member of Subterranea Brittanica  who revealed some of the capitals darkest secrets.  He even took me to some of them so that I could carry out my fieldwork annonymously.  

bram stoker web.jpg

he Great Fire of London (1666)

Irony is in the 666 for all occultists, and for historians the description of a stong East wind suggests a conspiracy that it was fueled by European dissidents.  This was the second time that London was burnt to the ground, not only did it eliminate the spread of the black death, but also was an attempt by a small organisation of hunters to destroy the Ants' nest, where Monument now stands.  Don't scald me Historians, I'm just covering ground quickly. 

The Romans (exploring the old infrastructure of London) - Also, Boudica/Boudicea


Remember that London has been the site of many battles.  Boudica, or Boudicea as she is also known, led an army to wipe out the Romans and reduce London to ash.


She was queen of the Iceni tribe and was considered to have exceptional intelligence for a woman at the time.  She was either the first vampire hunter of her kind or a liberator.

ant queen1.jpg
old tunnels londond.jpg
great fire of london.jpg

The Freemasons

Although they have a reputation of being a secretive organisation, the fact that you can walk along to their flagship building on Great Queen Street and be given a guided tour is quite amazing, and worth doing.  


I see the Freemasons more of an ally than a foe and there is evidence to suggest that the masons, whose skill in producing some of the finest swords and building infrastructure, demonstrates their breakaway personality to seek their own truth - hence the propaganda against them comparing them to the illuminati.


The pictures show the main office/entry point of the collective and, on the right, images of the Freemasons main temple in London.  They are within a couple of hundred metres of each other.  I always believed that Michael was a member; he spoke fondly of them and often showed me his weapons which were always so very finely crafted.

holborn 4a.jpg
holborn 9a.jpg

The Langham Hotel, Portland Place


Not only is this hotel allegedly haunted, but has a strong link to the Ants.  The Langham hotel was originally built upon an old well.  The well eventually dried up, but its secrets didn't. 


When I persisted to meet Ed, Veronica arranged the meeting at this venue.  It wasn't long before I realised it was a ploy, but in hindsight I should have been more careful.  If you look at the hotel from the St Georges Hotel heights bar, which is where I eventually found Ed and killed him, then you will see how the hotel holds tactical merit.  


It's also alleged to be haunted, and to this day people experience terrible visions.  Something in the water or is it that 'energy line' hypothesis again?

Ready for some Scientific Facts?

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