October's Son is John Michaelson's first auto-biographical novel.  He mysteriously appeared online in 2009, with his revelations that vampires did not exist in the way that most people commonly believed them to.  Michaelson wrote extensively about his encounters with UK 'vampires' and challenged many of the vampire myths, theories and conspiracies on his own website (since updated and transferred to this site in 2020). 


A personal account of his experiences was edited into a publishable format by Burton Mayers Books in 2014 after they acquired exclusive rights to his story.    

October's Son:
The London Vampire Diaries


I am not a vampire.


For months I believed that I was turning into one, but Michael saved me from the lies and revealed a deeper, darker truth.


I embraced everything that London offered me, but a savage attack took it all away and led me down a slow path of destruction and an abandonment of moral principles. 


As I recount the details in this journal, you will see that the City of London is as much the villain as the murderous elite lurking beneath it.

Update: An eBook version titled
The London Vampire is now available. 


Here are some of the comments posted by readers who have either read the paperback or kindle version:


"Not your average 'vampire book'. In fact, I've never read a book like this. Rather than take you along on the journey, this story grabs you by the throat and drags you under and into a sometimes uncomfortable yet intimate relationship with the author. This story leaves you wondering . Is it fiction? Not a perfectly written book, but that adds to the realness of the story. Witty, very dark, and often restrained, as if the author is trying to tell a story without 'outing' himself. Definitely a read you don't want to miss. "    

January 2015 (Barnes and Noble)


"Very intriguing topic. I literally devoured it. I find it extremely compelling. Bravo"    

Norma Spiga, December 14 (Amazon)


"The London Vampire is an exciting glimpse into a supposedly ‘biographical’ tale of horror. What if vampirism is just an urban legend that disguises a real evil stalking the streets of the UK?
Michaelson makes for an enjoyably demented narrator, documenting his descent into the seedy dangerous underbelly of the night.
Creepy, engaging and suitably grim reading – you might never be the same if you take this trip…"

Matt Adcock, author of Complete Darkness

"Although I am a big 'Supernatural' fan and enjoy watching The Vampire Diaries etc, all of my preconceptions about vampires and other so called mythical brings were completely blown away by the end of the first chapter. . . Never actually describing himself as a vampire and very definately making it clear that vampires as we think of them do not exist, I was left in no doubt about the existence of real evil, lurking in the shadows and underground of every town and city..."    

Claudia Ayliffe, February 15 (Amazon: Kindle