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Please continue your hunt for the truth and be sure to bookmark this site for updates and future reference.  It is not updated as often as I would like, but I think you should have plenty to continue your hunt for answers.   

John Michaelson is [was] writing articles for SQMAGZ



Post the main website on your social network wall to support my fight and tell others about the truth! Surprisingly, people just want one answer.  This site has hopefully answered several.

Use the search links to broaden your knowledge and eliminate your doubts about real vampires and  hoaxes. You will notice that there are no ads on site yet although this might change once my funds dry up.


I have also used several books, holy texts, and internet resources to support the theories and knowledge handed to me by Michael. None of them can match the depth of his knowledge and understanding. Although, there are others. 


Whilst most of the vampire content is my own, I have taken the creative license to use pictures from various internet sites.  All effort has been made to provide links to those vampire sites.

Most pictures will display a source link.  If you would like to submit vampire artistic impressions or other vampire content, I will be happy to review it and possibly use it on the site.


Archived article from the Times:















































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The London Vampire, The London Vampire Group, The London Vampire Hunter, vampires, real vampires and much more.  Join the vampire fight and link to this site, backlinks from allies and supporters are most welcome. Message me 
In 2014 I assigned all rights to Burton Mayers Books.  We have agreed that they will not alter the content of this site, but they will soon launch with the sole purpose of promoting the book (as publishers should rightly do).  All media queries and rights information should go through them and not me. 

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