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Many websites claim to offer the truth about vampires.  Some try to credit or disprove vampire sightings, events and rituals. Others pay homage to classic vampire texts from writers like Bram Stoker and more up to date novelists like Stephanie Meyer or L. J. Smith.  You've come to this site because you want answers...

I know about vampires because I thought I was one - that was until I met Michael.  He saved me, and revealed a darker truth.  


I'm not proud of who I am or what I've done, but he taught me how to control what's inside. Now that he is gone, this website will be his legacy and mine...

   ~  The definitive story about London's Vampires  ~  


In Nuptial Flight: The London Vampire Conspiracy, Michaelson answers many of the questions raised in October’s Son, including how he tracks down modern day vampires and where he gets support from now that Michael is gone. Told through a series of terse journals and graphic recollections, Michaelson’s writing is chilling, dark-humoured and painfully real.

Forget everything you thought you knew about vampires, Michaelson’s story changes everything.

"Fantastic sequel to 'October's Son'. Very well written, couldn't put it down..." Amazon Verified Review

October's Son:

The London Vampire Diaries


This is not a book about vampires.

  If you’re after a novel where the infected sparkle in the sunlight, or where a character’s sexual catharsis results in him or her biting someone in the neck, then please don't buy this book - search for a title from the young adult section instead; if you don’t know what they look like, they usually have lots of black on the front covers, some red writing and a one word title like ‘Yearning’ or something else irritatingly pubescent. 

  I know about vampires because I thought I was one - that was until I met Michael.  He saved me, and revealed the truth.   I'm not proud of who I am or what I've done, but he taught me how to control what's inside.  October's Son is part of his legacy now that he is gone.

See a preview of the book here

John Michaelson's biographical horror takes readers beneath the facade of vampirism and exposes the dangerous subculture operating under the guise of real vampires in the UK.

Packed with first-hand accounts and commentary, Michaelson's descent into the unknown will come as a chilling revelation to those hoping for an orthodox vampire novel.


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